Salford Link

Formerly known as ‘LifeTimes Link, the Salford Link is the City’s only heritage magazine.  It is independently produced twice a year by volunteers and members of the Friends of Salford Museums’ Association.

The magazine includes a wealth of articles, local reviews and photographs specific to Salford’s Past.  It can be obtained at any of Salford’s libraries and museums or by subscription. Please click HERE for a Subscription Form.


You can now also purchase a subscription on-line, using a credit / debit card.  Please use this link:

Here is an INDEX to recent issues.  It is in Word format so can be readily searched.

Back issues can be viewed by selecting the link below:

Issue 54Winter 2023
Issue 53Summer 2023
Issue 52Winter 2022
Issue 51Summer 2022
Issue 50Winter 2021
Issue 49Summer2021
Issue 48Winter 2020
Issue 47Summer 2020
Issue 46Winter 2019
Issue 45Summer 2019
Issue 44Winter 2018
Issue 43Summer 2018
Issue 42Wubter 2017
Issue 41Summer 2017
Issue 40Winter 2016
Issue 39Summer 2016
Issue 38Winter 2015
Issue 37Summer 2015
Issue 36Winbter 2015
Issue 35Summer 2014
Issue 34Winter 2013
Issue 33Summer 2013